Science Communication

In my role I am facilitating science communication and public engagement training events and activities for researchers. I have been leading the team organising the Brookes Science Bazaar 2012 and 2013. I am also collaborating with the Oxford Brookes English department and the Oxford Brookes Poetry Centre. Other projects I am involved include our CSI Biotechnology School Loan Kit Scheme, Brookes@Pegasus or the International Fascination of Plants Day on 18th May.

I have a great interest in online engagement and using social media for science communication. You can find me on Twitter (@AnneOsterrieder) and Google+. Over the last years I have been giving numerous presentations and workshops on research blogging and social media in the UK and at international conferences. In collaboration with musicians and other plant cell biologists I am  producing science music videos which can be viewed on YouTube:

In 2012 I received the SEB’s President’s Medal 2012 for Education and Public Affairs as recognition for my science communication achievements.